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    Y Tubing Connector Connector 1 .154 slip Connector 2 .154 slip Connector 3 .154 slip Material Clear ABS 117 MeritEMo Inside U.S 1 Outside U.S 1 Europe 31 43 358 82 24 ME PARTS CMPETS T Connectors Material Polycarbonate Clear Two Female Luer Lock

  • Universal Y Connector to Spilt Oxygen Lines

    Universal Y Connector to Spilt Oxygen Lines 1/4 and 3/8 sizes are unique oxygen connectors used to spilt oxygen lines from tanks and concentrators These Y tube connectors feature a lightweight design are autoclavable and are available in sterile or clean Y

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    T Connector 15cm with Needle Free Valve 1 Please create your account or sign in to see prices and allow ordering Availability In Stock Code TC002 Add To Basket Add To Quote Description Reviews T connector mini extension set with a small length of extension tubing with needles port and giving set connection.

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    Y Type Catheter Extension Set Microbore ONE LINK Needle free IV Connector Neutral Fluid Displacement 5.7 14 cm Y Type Catheter Extension Set Microbore ONE LINK Needle free IV Connector with Neutral Fluid Displacement Approximate Volume 0.47 mL Approximate Length 5.7 14 cm Non DEHP Sterile Package Nonpyrogenic Show More

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    icu medical #b33147 set tubing transfer iv 112in 284cm appx 8.8ml w check valve microclave r t connector anti siphon valve luer lock 50/cs 299.63 per CASE

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    needleless connector they used with short peripheral catheters and 114 21.9 did not know the type they used with central venous catheters 20 And nearly half of respondents didn’t understand the correct way to flush and clamp a catheter with a needleless connector attached even though it’s essential to de vice performance.


    T Connector Extension Line A single use sterile flexible tubing with Luer connector and septum for injection Designed to be used as extension set for IV catheters Clamp can safely close the line during exchange of infusion line protecting from exposure to body fluids Perforable septum allows injection of medication with syringe with needle

  • Extension Lines and IV Line Connectors

    Extension Lines and IV Line Connectors Extension Lines Type Heidelberger Extension Tubings for Infusion Systems Spiral Line Small bore connection tubing Extension and connection tubing T Port Extension Tubing T Port extension

  • Quick Guide Improving the Safe Use of Multiple IV Infusions

    medication has cleared all IV tubing including the connectors Use new IV tubing when initiating a new concentration of a continuous IV medication to prevent infusing any of the previous concentration remaining in the tubing at the rate intended for the new concentration.

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    icu medical #a1002 set extension iv 6in 15 cm appx 0.26 ml smallbore w/clamp nanoclave r t connector w/luer slip 50/cs 124.78 per case

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    All flexible tubing styles are available with Merit’s patented Keep feature Merit offers an extensive line of clear PVC tubing styles rated at 1200 900 and 500 PSI 83 62 and 34 Bar Our color coded pressure monitoring tubing offers instant identification of specific monitor lines to help increase patient safety and decrease procedure

  • Barbed T Connector

    Qosina is a leading supplier of Barbed T Connector with fits 1/16 ID Tubing Get fast shipping and volume discounts on T Connectors parts.

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    When line differentiation matters choose our color coded components from connector rings IV tubing and clamps designed to enhance patient safety and make your job easier Global Healthcare Exchange GHX Market Intelligence data Connectors Needleless Parenterals 92 100 2017 2019 Includes stand alone needlefree connectors and

  • Amazon YZM 1/4 OD Quick Connect Push In to Connect

    I had a delta faucet with a W connector that broke A new W leaked This set worked well as a replacement offering the opportunity for stress relieving bends that the W could not do Need to buy the tubing separately at some place like Home Depot I used a T connector and 2 of the in line connectors Very easy to use.

  • Baxter 2N3328

    Interlink T Connector Needleless Injection Port NDC Number Number of Ports 1 Port Priming Volume 0.4 mL Priming Volume Product Dating McKesson Acceptable Dating we will ship >= 90 days Sterility Sterile Tubing Length 6 Inch Tubing Tubing Type DEHP Free Type T Connector UNSPSC Code Latex Free Indicator

  • T Connector IV Extension Sets

    T Connectors Longer tubing 7 provides more flexibility when taping your safety loop Easy inject ports with larger surface area help reduce needle sticks Clear kink resistant tubing ensures consistent flow Locking Blunt Cannula Enables needle free piggybacking adding 2nd IV bag Compatible with Abbott IV Sets for a secure connection.

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    IV Contents Section Page 05.00 Extension sets 05.01 Standard tubing 05.01.01 MaxPlus and MaxGuard needleless connector sets 57 05.01.02 SmartSite valve sets 60 05.01.03 VersaSafe split septum sets 66 05.01.04 No port sets 67 05.02 Kink resistant tubing 05.02.01 MaxPlus and MaxGuard needleless connector sets 70

  • Preventing IV Catheter Associated Infections

    – Changethe needleless connector before drawing a blood culture through a catheter with IV tubing changes or if blood or debris is visible within the needleless connector not with each standard blood draw As a reminder–blood cultures should not be routinely drawn from a central line.

  • Advisor Live New standards for medical tubing connectors

    Blood pressure tubing connected to the patient Luer lock IV line in the PACU after carpal tunnel surgery Resulted in death of the patient The tubing for a non invasive lower arterial vascular study was plugged into an IV line port instead of the cuff tubing The slide clamp on the IV tubing prevented a major air embolism.

  • IV Extension Line with Injection Ports

    IV Extension Line with Injection Ports 10cm Extension Line with T connector Injection Port and Needle Free Valve MCI/330 The T connector allows end users to add medication via the injection port or Bidirectional needle free valve The device can also prevent or remove catheter occlusions Product Specification Tube ID 1.5mm OD 2.6mm

  • Medfusion Mini Bifuse Double T connector 4 25/Bx

    Description of the Medfusion Mini Bifuse Double T connector 4 25/Bx double T connector Mini Bifuse double T connector with small bore extension tubing two color coded pinch clamps rotating Luer lock Approximate Priming Volume 0.4 ml Approx Overall Length 4 10 cm .

  • 8.4 Priming IV Tubing and Changing IV Fluids and Tubing

    The best way to avoid air bubbles in IV tubing is to prevent them in the first place Perry et al 2014 New IV tubing may also be required if leaking occurs around the tube connecting to the IV solution if the tubing becomes damaged or if it becomes contaminated Checklist 66

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    Needle Free Connectors Catheter Extension Sets Baxter invented the first needle free connector INTERLINK in 1991 to reduce the risk of needle stick injuries Baxter continues its inventive leadership with the introduction of our neutral displacement ONE LINK needle free IV

  • Syringe Pump Tubing T Connector Injection Site T Port

    Syringe Pump Tubing T Connector Injection Site T Port International and Non Continental US orders may require additional charges Please review our Shipping Policies prior to ordering A Customer Service Representative may contact you before fulfilling your order if there are any additional charges If you have any questions or concerns


    T connectors are not changed daily with routine IV tubing changes IV tubing is reconnected at the distal end of the T connector tubing The site of all IV cannulas should be observed carefully check hourly for secure placement and changes at the cannula



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    RAPIDFILL Connectors Luer lock to Luer slip Connects with female Luer lock and Luer slip connections Large finger grips protect against contamination.The laboratory system essential tubing connector is constructed of chemical and temperature resistant material to accommodate various liquids or gases flowing through tubes Choose from T Y L or linear shaped styles to join multiple hoses or

  • Extension T Connector at Best Price in Shah Alam Selangor

    Dec 04 2010  Salient Features of Extension T Connector Manufactured from high quality medical grade PVC tubing reduces the risk of kinking Luer Lock fitting Latex Injection site Single peel pack Sterile Ready for use.


    Upon checking iv hourly the rn found the iv disconnected at the hub Infant was bleeding Md said that the patient required the blood transfusion because the connector came apart and this caused the bleed The staff were using the baxter interlink system non dehp t

  • Mini Bore Bifusion T Connector

    Mini Bore Bifusion T Connector quantity J1316T Categories Intravenous Equipment Tubing Connectors Description Additional information Description 2x female proximal luerlocks with caps 1 male spin distal luerlock 3 slide clamps IV Infusion Pump 15.00 Add to cart Male Luer Adaptor 1.11 Read more Cochran IV Splint

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    Catheters Syringes Needles Tubing 1 Fluids IV Administration 16 Laboratory Equipment 2 Monitors 1 Pharmaceutical 1 Narrow by Manufacturer T Connector IV Extension Sets ZOETIS See My Price Needle Free Largebore T Connector PRACTIVET See My Price Macrobore Y Connector Extension Set ICU MEDICAL INC.

  • Multiple Intravenous Infusions Phase 1b

    May 01 2012  The system components consist of the IV agent in a container i.e IV bag IV syringe glass bottle IV tubing appropriate for use with an infusion pump an infusion pump to control the infusion flow rate and IV connectors if multiple IV tubing needs to be joined to fit into the patient’s available access sites .

  • Changing the Needleless Connector Peripheral Central

    The needleless connector is changed with each administration IV tubing set replacement refer to Administration Set Priming and Loading and Initiating or Changing the Infusion Set CV.01.05 At minimum every 96 hours 4 days If the needleless connector is removed from the line for any reason

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    IV Tubing Extension Set Interlink T Connector Baxter 5.50 8 IV TubingAmsino Extension Set for Needleless Systems Amsino From 1.75 IV Tubing Extension Set Filtered for Use with Needleless Standard Set B Braun From 4.95 IV Tubing Extension Set High Flow Baxter 5.25

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    3 way connector 120cm extension tubing rotating luer connector 1029DFXMY IV Gravity Set with 15µm filter air vent 180cm tubing 3 way connector 50 FSB1417 needle free access port 120cm extension tubing rotating luer connector 1029DFXVMY IV Gravity Set with 15µm filter air vent 180cm tubing back check valve 50 FSB1418

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    IV Tubing Find a wide assortment of IV tubing for all your infusion and dialysis needs at DiaMedical USA With popular brands such as Alaris B Braun Baxter and Hospira you can be sure the best solution for your infusion needs is right here Medical Equipment Filter By Your Facility Type.