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  • AD5791 IIO DAC Linux Driver Analog Devices Wiki

    Description This is a Linux industrial I/O IIO subsystem driver targeting single channel serial interface DACs The industrial I/O subsystem provides a unified framework for drivers for many different types of converters and sensors using a number of different physical interfaces i2c spi etc See IIO for more information.

  • AD5360 IIO Multi Channel DAC Linux Driver Analog Devices

    Below example specifies a 2.5 Volt reference for the SPI device 3 on SPI Bus 0 spi0.3 In this example all 4 reference voltage are supplied by the same regulator.Except for the AD5371 devices expect two supplies named vref0 and vref1 The

  • 1 A Fixed Linear Voltage Regulators

    Smart Filtering As you select one or more parametric filters below Smart Filtering will instantly disable any unselected values that would cause no results to be found.

  • PATCH v6 1/2 arm dts imx8mq Add Kontron pitx imx8m

    Oct 14 2021  This adds the device tree for the Kontron pitx imx8m Board It is a copy of the device tree from the linux kernel sources Signed off by Heiko Thiery

  • Fixed Positive Single Output Standard Regulators

    Fixed Positive Standard Regulator 8VPSFM3 Active RoHS Compliant Medium Low risk View Details LM109H Texas Instruments Incorporated FIXED POSITIVE SINGLE OUTPUT STANDARD REGULATOR Fixed Positive Standard Regulator 5VBIPolar MBCY


    UDOO Quad LVDS DTS DTB Raw imx6q uddo.dts This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below To review open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters Learn

  • PATCH v2 00/52 ARM dts Last round of DT schema fixes

    PATCH v2 00/52 ARM dts Last round of DT schema fixes 2021 09 01 9 18 Maxime Ripard 2021 09 01 9 18 ` PATCH v2 01/52 ASoC dt bindings Add WM8978 Binding Maxime Ripard ` 52 more replies 0 siblings 53 replies 125 messages in thread From Maxime Ripard 2021 09 01 9 18 UTC permalink raw

  • PR 1 GO Regulator

    The PR 1 Series is a versatile specialty pressure reducing control valve designed to fulfill a wide range of needs in instrumentation sample systems and other applications such as semiconductor processing gases The many features of the PR 1 make it ideal for a wide range of applications controlling pressures at low to moderate flows in gas or

  • U Boot power regulator fixed set gpio direction

    Mar 12 2016  Hi Peng On 11 March 2016 at 22 19 Peng Fan wrote > Before set value for a gpio need to set its direction to > output first > > Signed off by Peng Fan > Cc Przemyslaw Marczak > Cc Simon Glass > > Before set value for a gpio need to set its direction to

  • Linux Kernel Archive Re AM335x OMAP2 common clock

    0.488094 backlight supply power not found using dummy regulator 0.492042 Serial 8250/16550 driver 4 ports IRQ sharing enabled 0.497622 omap uart 44e09000.serial no wakeirq for uart0

  • Regulator probe

    Sep 01 2016  regulator drivers that will call regulator register at the end 3 in case of fixed voltage regulator it prepares configuration and description based on platform code for example of the regulator and calls devm regulator register 4 regulator register will not add fixed regulator to the mapping if GPIO is deferred

  • Inventek Systems ISM43362 B81 on MCIMX6UL EVK

    Mar 26 2021  Introduction This page will show you step by step how to interface a Inventek Systems ISM43362 B81 Wi Fi 2.4Ghz SDIO SIP Module to the NXP MCIMX6UL EVK Demo Demo2 Hardware Requirements NXP MCIMX6UL EVK base board

  • mechanical fixed oil level regulators for parallel

    Understand mechanical fixed oil level regulators for parallel compressor system unit information in Xinchang Shengyi Mechanical And Electronic CO LTD company and quickly obtain the latest quotation select more quality Oil Level Controller manufacturers and suppliers on coowor

  • 4/4 arm64 dts imx Add i 8mm Gateworks gw7901 dts

    Mar 09 2021  Message ID .22205 4 tharvey gateworks State New Delegated to Ambarus Tudor Headers show

  • NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features

    Do not modify files whose filenames and pathnames contain your system’s default board name The default board name refers to the carrier board provided with your Jetson developm

  • fxr.watson FREEBSD 12 STABLE sys/dev/extres/regulator

    Now available The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System Second Edition source navigation diff markup identifier search freetext search file search list types track identifier

  • v2 arm dts rockchip fix vcc host 5v regulator for

    Aug 15 2019  Message ID .27405 1 kever.yang rock chips mailing list archive State New archived Headers show

  • PATCH v6 7/8 arm64 dts imx8mm evk Add the pcie

    next prev parent reply other threads 2021 11 16 2 45 UTCnewest Thread overview 10 messages expand flatnested mbox.gz Atom feed top 2021 11 16 2 16 PATCH v6 0/8 Add the imx8m pcie phy driver and imx8mm pcie support Richard Zhu 2021 11 16 2 16 ` PATCH v6 1/8 dt bindings phy phy imx8 pcie Add binding for the pad modes of imx8 pcie phy Richard Zhu

  • Linux/AM3352 Unable to control GPIO from sysfs

    I am using a custom AM335x board and I am facing issues in controlling some gpios I have added the GPIOs GPIO2 27=91 and GPIO2 28=92 in my gpio2 pins default entry to dts file and made sure that the pins are not used anywhere else in the dts file GPIO 91 and 92 is connected to another module

  • EVB KSZ9477/at91 sama5d3 xplained ung8071.dts at master

    Repository for using Microchip EVB KSZ9477 board Product Supported KSZ9477 KSZ9567 KSZ9897 KSZ9896 KSZ8567 KSZ8565 KSZ9893 KSZ9563 KSZ8563 Phys KSZ9031

  • Question for gpio regulator regulator fixed

    Oct 18 2021  Hello I have question regarding the gpio regulator regulator fixed In my understanding it has to define the consumer for regulator in device tree Otherwise if there is no consumer the regulator will be turned off There are several regulator fixed vdd 1v8 sd vdd hdmi 5v0 vdd sys en avdd cam 2v8 vdd 5v sata It seems that vdd 5v sata has a

  • kernel

    The clock binding is mandatory if compatible is chosen to regulator fixed clock maxItems 1 power domains deprecated true description Power domain to use for enable control This binding is only available if the compatible is chosen to regulator fixed domain.

  • PATCH V1 regulator fixed dt add property for gpio

    PATCH V1 regulator fixed dt add property for gpio open drain flag 2012 05 07 10 28 Laxman Dewangan 2012 05 07 11 35 ` Mark Brown 2012 05 07 15 05 ` Stephen Warren 0 siblings 2 replies 13 messages in thread From Laxman Dewangan 2012 05 07 10 28 UTC permalink raw To broonie lrg grant.likely devicetree discuss Cc linux doc linux kernel

  • GO Regulator Instrumentation Components

    GO Regulator Instrumentation Components HOME PRODUCTS Pressure Regulators Back Pressure BP 3 Adjustable back pressure regulator Cv 0.2 BP 6 High flow back pressure regulator Cv 3.00 BP 60 High pressure back pressure regulator Maximum 2000 psig BP 66 High pressure back pressure regulator Maximum 10 000 psig.

  • Three Terminal Fixed Negative Voltage Regulators

    regulators are available in the same eight voltage options as the SiP78xxBA devices In addition one extra voltage option commonly employed in MECL systems is also available in the negative SiP79xxBA Series Available in fixed output voltage options from −5.0 to −24 V these regulators employ current limiting thermal shutdown

  • Fixed regulator without GPIO

    May 14 2021  Hi How are the fixed regulators get controlled turn on/off for the ones that has no GPIO binding in device tree For example the battery reg hdr40 vdd 5v0 battery reg regulator 0 compatible = regulator fi

  • AD7193 Driver with Raspberry Pi

    Oct 30 2017  The ad7192 driver is looking for a regulator named vcc linux/ad7192.c at xcomm zynq analogdevicesinc/linux GitHub but in your device tree it is named vref For starters try modifying this one line

  • configuring serial port for rs485 mode

    configuring serial port for rs485 mode I am having trouble getting the driver in meta ti to accept the GPIO configuration from my DTS file I get a parse error I checked my configuration against another DTS file and we use the same format for the GPIOs 1 Has the driver been fixed from question #408682 8250 omap serial driver RS 485

  • Texas Instruments 1 Output Fixed Linear Voltage Regulators

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  • AM5728 GPIO configuration at shutdown

    I m not 100 sure what the regulator boot on does in shutdown but maybe since that enables the regulator as device tree is loaded it could imply that the regulator gets disabled on shutdown Just a thought since it seems like the GPIO is owned by the regulator driver which is overriding the GPIO pull up/down configuration.

  • MIT

    support fot the imx6 based aristainetos board Copyright C 2014 Heiko Schocher This program is free software you can redistribute it and/or modify it

  • PATCH v2 00/11 gpio msc313 Add gpio support for ssd20xd

    PATCH v2 00/11 gpio msc313 Add gpio support for ssd20xd 2021 09 23 6 54 Daniel Palmer 2021 09 23 6 54 ` PATCH v2 01/11 dt bindings gpio msc313 Add compatible Daniel Palmer ` 10 more replies 0 siblings 11 replies 14 messages in thread From Daniel Palmer 2021 09 23 6 54 UTC permalink raw To devicetree linux gpio linux leds Cc linus.walleij

  • Maxitrol

    325 Series regulators are for 2 psi and 5 psi piping systems Models are available for appliance main burner or pilot applications and as line pressure regulators They are suitable for natural manufactured mixed gases liquefied petroleum gases and LP gas air mixtures.

  • MADE IN ITALY Gas Regulators Controls

    IndexIndice FG/FGB REGULATORS typical installations Installazioni tipiche p 2 FG/FGB 100 gas pressure regulator DN 25 Regolatore di pressione DN 25 p 3 FG/FGB 200 gas pressure regulator DN 25x40 Regolatore di pressione DN25x40 p 7 FG/FGB 300 gas pressure regulator DN40 Regolatore di pressione DN 40 p 11 FG/FGB 500 gas pressure regulator

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Copyright 2014 FEDEVEL Inc Author Robert Nelson This program is free software you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU

  • /dts v1/#include #include

    Jan 20 2019  Pastebin is the number one paste tool since 2002 Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time.