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  • How to Find the Stopcock

    Sep 03 2019  The stopcock is the valve which controls the mains water on your property Table of Contents Find the stopcock Turning the stopcock clockwise shuts off the cold water supply You can turn the water supply back on by turning the

  • Plumbing How dangerous is to repair a stopcock without

    Plumbing How dangerous is to repair a stopcock without closing the main water entrance I have more or less the situation bellow I have simplified the scheme It s a bathroom A is a shower B is a tap I would like to repair both A and B The main stopcock doesn t work anymore.

  • Should stopcock be fully open

    Feb 04 2020  In most houses the stopcock is located under the kitchen sink To turn off the stopcock simply turn the valve clockwise to turn off the water supply In some houses there may also be a stopcock outside the house look for a metal plate with the words Water or sometimes just a W on it.

  • How to find your stopcock and water meter

    Sep 17 2020  Your stopcock and water meter are pieces of equipment which control and measure the flow of water into your home and occasionally you may need to find them If you do not know where your stopcock or water meter is located then the good news is that they are normally easy to locate.

  • Stopcocks

    1/2 BSP Type B Drain Off Cock ValveLight Pattern only £2.09 £1.74 Delivery Time 2 3 Days Spend an Extra £147.91 for Free Delivery More Info Add to Basket 15mm Type A Drain Off Cock ValveHeavy Pattern only £2.27.

  • Outside mains water stopcock

    Sep 03 2019  My mains stopcock under the kitchen sink is leaking so I want stop the outside mains water supply what stopcock do I need to lock it See picture the orange in the pictue be turn off I bought Stopcock key 222mm but does seem open Any ideas would be grateful

  • Stopcock

    Use Water service Stopcocks are used to grossly regulate the flow of tap water in residential and commercial services One is found at the junction of a water main and the branch leading to an individual service allowing the service to be isolated from the main trunk a second inside the structure allowing its plumbing to be isolated from the branch line leading into it .

  • Will Turning My Water Supply Off Affect My Boiler

    First up if you have discovered a water leak anywhere in your home whether that’s in your gas boiler your storage tanks or anywhere else turning off your water at the stopcock should be your first priority How to find your stopcock Your stopcock is usually found underneath your

  • How to Fix a Leaking Stopcock

    Jan 27 2020  A stopcock sometimes called a stop tap controls the entire supply of mains fed water into your home The tap is always on allowing water to enter as and when you need it But the stopcock lets you shut off the supply in an emergency such as a burst pipe or to carry out plumbing work Usually there are two stopcocks for your home.

  • Stop Tap Keys

    Finish Blue epoxy paint Square Head Keys available in ½ ¾ and 1 Crutch Head Keys can also be known as 2 Prong Stop Cock key and are available in light duty or heavy duty Broken Stop Cock Keys available as a Cam type or Claw type Please contact us to find out more about our products on 01323 485272 info akrovalve.

  • Mains Water Systems

    The main water pipe entering the property will often be in either the kitchen garage laundry or basementthe stopcock should be near this entry point The rising main water pipe this will be a vertical pipe that carries water directly from the mains to the loft space water storage tanks and is often against a wall in either the kitchen

  • Autostopcock

    £383.94 inc VAT The Autostopcock was first patented in 1991 and has been protecting peoples’ homes ever since As the original intelligent stopcock this effective system offers a fully automated and affordable solution to guard a property 24/7 by automatically terminating the mains water in the event of the following Exceeding water flow time configurable up to 90 mins to guard

  • B Q 970mm Combination stopcock key

    I needed to flatten the key part with a hammer as the prongs are too wide Also the key flexes under load and because the handle has short handles I had to put shifter spanners on the handle to get enough torque to shut the valve.

  • How to find your stopcock

    May 11 2021  Also called an isolation valve or stop tap Nick explains a stopcock is normally on a cold water main at a point where the water comes into the property You d look for the stopcock to turn off the water supply to the whole building Most homes have an external and internal stopcock The external valve controls the flow of water from the

  • Stopcock

    Oct 12 2015  A stopcock or stop valve or stop tap is an inline valve which controls the water supply to a property is usually located on or near the rising main and usually under the kitchen sink.However in some homes it may be located in a pantry or hallway In addition to an internal stopcock some homes may have an external stopcock.

  • Valves stopcocks

    Valves stopcocks Valves and stopcocks allow you to regulate the flow of mains water through domestic and commercial plumbing installations We stock various types including the common ball valve tap valve and gate valve found in most modern homes Our valves and stopcocks come in different materials each offering unique characteristics and

  • How do I find my mains water stopcock

    A mains water stopcock is a valve used to completely stop the flow of water within a property Also known as the stopcock mains water shut off valve or stop valve all properties have an inside and outside mains water stopcock Your inside valve should be located under the kitchen sink and your outside valve should be found near the

  • The Correct Way to Open and Close Your Water Valve or Stopcock

    The main cause of valves becoming stuck is when they are opened fully and left there The correct way is to open them fully and then close them half a turn or so This enables a little ‘wiggle’ room for the valve when it slowly becomes stuck again over the years A valve stuck hard against the stops is very difficult to persuade to move again On stuck valves I always use a penetrating

  • water mains stopcock

    VSF Stopcock FxF Manufactured to BS 1010 Parallel threaded ends to ISO 228 This stopcock comes in several variations as below and selectable to the right hand side of the image above 1/2 VSF Stopcock FxF 3/4 VSF Stopcock FxF 1 VSF Stopcock FxFIMPORTANT NOTE MOST PLUMBING PRODUCTS ARE STATED AS BSP IMPERIAL THREAD MEASUREMENT WHICH MEANS THAT

  • What to do if your stopcock or stop tap doesn’t work

    The main benefit of isolation valves is that they allow you to work on specific areas without having to shut off the whole system Can you free up your own stop tap If you still need to turn off the mains water supply the next step is to try the stop tap in your home It’s often located under the stairs or

  • Living in Fear of an Ancient Stopcock

    Nov 03 2017  Stopcocks are designed to deal with the higher pressure associated with mains water so don’t fall foul of fitting a Gate Valve into your domestic system these are designed for low pressure use such as you would use to control the drain on a water tank.

  • Plumbing Help identify these items attached to mains

    Plumbing Help identify these items attached to mains water just after the stopcock plumbing plumbing fixture my brother has asked if I can help sort out some plumbing issues he has a stopcock where the mains water enters the house conveniently easy access directly under the sink he has sent me a photo of the setup.

  • Turn off the mains fast how to guide

    Aug 02 2018  Some properties may have multiple stopcocks with one valve controlling the overall flow of water in the property and a secondary stopcock controlling the flow of water to the outlets in an extension Turn off the mains You should be able to turn off the stopcock without any tools However it may take a moment or two for the water to stop

  • Leaking Stopcock How To Fix It

    Feb 24 2015  To resolve this problem you will need to replace the washer Make sure you isolate the water supply to the stopcock and drain your pipes beforehand Hold the stopcock with a pair of plies Turn the nut in the middle of the stopcock underneath the tap in an anticlockwise direction with a spanner Unscrew the handle from the rest of the tap.

  • Talbot MDPE Stop Cock Chambers

    Talbot MDPE Stop Cock Chambers Available In Both Standard 20mm 32mm Stop Taps Large 40mm 63mm Stop Taps Talbot Stop Cock Chambers Surface Box s Deliveries From The Central Depot Usually Next Day

  • Should your mains water stop tap be fully open

    Answer 1 of 5 the valve you are asking about is on the city side of the meter and it is called a ‘’curb stop’’ valve yes it should be fully open be advised the valve is a 1/4 turn valve

  • STOPCOCK English Definition and Meaning

    noun An externally operated valve regulating the flow of a liquid or gas through a pipe ‘in many houses the main stopcock is situated under the kitchen sink’ More example sentences ‘I tried to turn the mains off in the road and it would not turn right off so I had a constant flow of water coming through to the main stopcock inside my

  • Q A of the Day Can I have a water main stopcock in

    Jun 22 2012  The client wants to run a new plastic water main into the building using one of the spare empty ducts through the slab that terminates in this cupboard and locate the main water stopcock in it as well The water supply then continues in a single 15mm copper pipe to elsewhere in the house.

  • Stopcock Stock Photos and Images

    Stock Photography by Silantiy 7 1 023 Pipeline stopcock Stock Images by Podsolnukh 1 33 Pipeline stopcock Stock Images by Podsolnukh 1 34 engineer drawing main hole sanitary diagram Stock Photographs by everythingpossible 1 31 faucet Stock Images by nps 2 55 Plumbing fixtures Stock Photo by alan64 6 196 Plumber repairing an electric

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  • Leaking stopcock spindle

    Sep 03 2019  Devon Country Whenever I turn off my mains although I have 2 mains water inlets to the house stopcock in my garage it leaks slightly from the spindle After about 612 hours the leaking stops and in total it probably leaks no more than a soup spoon full of water I know that tightening up the gland nut will probably cure this slight leak

  • URGENT Running central heating with main stopcock

    Nov 29 2016  Running central heating with main stopcock turned off 7 Posts Add message Report user Tue 29 Nov 16 18 49 52 My neighbour s outdoor tap split in last night s frost so all mains water tap turned offthere is no isolator for outside tap Is it safe to run central heating/hot water when water supply is off It is a conventional

  • Moving a Mains Water Stopcock and Installing New

    If all is well turn off the mains Leave the stop cock open indoors for a while as you turn on all the downstairs taps and flush any downstairs loos If no more water comes through then you can be sure that the main street stopcock works On the stopcock pipework indoors there should be a drain plug Put a hose over the end of this and run it

  • What Is A Stopcock and What Does It Do

    Mar 06 2020  External stopcock The external valve controls the flow from the water main that serves your street to the supply pipe into your house If your supply pipe leaks or ruptures the external stopcock will need shutting off to allow for repairs and to stop masses of water soaking the floor.

  • moving main stopcock

    Jan 13 2019  The gas main is about 5 feet off the ground on an internal wall with the in Combi boiler stops supply hot water after I swtiched off the main stopcock When I changed the water tap washer today I switched off the main water stopcock Then the washing machine was on and might Moving stopcock old flat

  • Water meters and locating the stopcock

    May 29 2014  Q A recent media article reported that water meter contractors who cannot find your stopcock or locate where your water supply a last resort and